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Name:Venus Jones
Company:Venusian Publishing
Title:Founder and Editor
Address:175 Baypointe Pkwy.
City:San Jose
Country:United States of America
Phone No:813-863-1155
Cell No:
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Venus Jones
A Star that's Down to Earth

Venus Jones helps speakers and teaching artist go from page to stage. Venus is an accomplished actress, poet, and educator. 

She’s known for performing impactful presentations for schools and organizations that create memorable experiences. She energizes, captivates, and enlightens her audience. She promotes female empowerment, diversity, peace, and justice.

She was introduced to theatre and the stage at the tender age of nine. She’s a former DJ, MTV correspondent, and as a poet she’s opened for Def Poetry on Broadway. She’s authored seven poetry collections and her book, “Lyrics for Langston” was endorsed by the Langston Hughes Family Museum. Visit Venus at
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