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Name:Venus Jones
Company:Venusian Publishing
Title:Founder and Editor
Address:175 Baypointe Pkwy.
City:San Jose
Country:United States of America
Phone No:813-863-1155
Cell No:
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Venus Jones
A Star that's Down to Earth

Venus Jones is – in one word – versatile! She was born in the “show me state” of Missouri, grew up in Akron/Canton Ohio and currently resides in Tampa, Florida. She was introduced to theatre and the stage at the tender age of nine. She’s a former DJ, MTV correspondent, accomplished actress, model, and voice over talent.

She earned her BA in Business Communications and her MFA in English and Creative Writing.  Her professional image and voice has appeared in hundreds of print ads and commercials. When she’s not working on a set or her next book she spends her time teaching young people how to be s/heroic at Eckerd College and at local Boys & Girls Clubs.

As a poet she’s opened for Def Poetry on Broadway and is a three-time Tampa Bay area slam winner and former slam finalist in the Austin International Poetry Festival. Her recent book, “Lyrics for Langston” was endorsed by the Langston Hughes Family Museum.

Her work has been published in Spoken Visions magazine, African Voices, San Francisco Peace and Hope, Artists Embassy International, Whirlwind, and Poet Lore. She’s been a requested speaker at Tedx Tampa Bay, The Improv, The Salvador Dali Museum and for Ms. magazine’s annual cruise fundraiser. She’s been known to entertain and enlighten at conferences, schools, many universities and festivals across the country.

She helps individuals and organizations create memorable experiences that energize, captivate, educate and enlighten their audiences.  Visit Venus at
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